Four Behaviors Which Best Predict If You’re Heading for Divorce


Two prominent psychologists have identified four telltale behaviors which they claim can predict the chances a marriage is headed for divorce.

University of Washington’s John Gottman and his colleague Robert Levenson at the University of California at Berkley assert that the more times a couple shows signs of contempt, criticism, defensiveness and stonewalling within a 15 minute conversation, the more accurately they could predict the demise of the relationship.

According to their findings, “couples who yelled at each other, showed contempt for each other, or shut off conversation about an issue within the first year of marriage were more likely to divorce as far as 16 years down the road.”

The study also noted that it’s perfectly normal for couples to exhibit any of these behaviors from time to time, but that it only becomes problematic when the feelings arise more often than not.

To read more details on these four relationship-killing behaviors, check out their findings here.