Is Your Cell Phone Making You Infertile?


A new study is claiming that men that keep their cell phones close to their sexual organs – or within a foot or two from their body – may have lower sperm counts making it harder to conceive a child.

The findings appear in the Journal Reproductive BioMedicine and add to a long-standing theory that falling fertility rates in men are correlated with the dramatic rise in the use of cellular phones.

Professor Martha Dirnfeld, of the Technion University in Haifa, said: “We analyzed the amount of active swimming sperm and the quality and found that it had been reduced. We think this is being caused by a heating of the sperm from the phone and by electromagnetic activity.”

While the study only tested a small sample size of 100 men over the course of a year and are not conclusive, London Professor Gedis Grudzinskas warns men to be careful with their electronic devices.

“If you wear a suit to work put the mobile in your chest pocket instead of close to your testes. It will reduce the risk of your sperm count dropping or dropping so much.”

Better safe than childless.