Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Reveals Her Husband Fired the Nanny For Sexting


Susan Sarandon‘s daughter Eva Amurri Martino reveals her husband, Kyle Martino, recently fired their nanny after she sent a scandalous text to him saying she wanted to “f*** his brains out.” Nannygate!

The Undateable actress blogged about the incident on her Happily Eva After website on Monday.

According to the post, the nanny – who cares for the couple’s young daughter Marlowe – sent the following text to Eva’s husband when she was out of town.

“OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sex my Boss is. I would love to f— his brains out ha haah. Too bad he seems not to like thick Latin women with lots to hold on to LOL.”

Kyle initially believed the text was meant for one of the nanny’s friends but was accidentally sent to him. He had a change of heart  when he later saw her spying on him from inside their bedroom.

He confronted the nanny and recorded their conversation on an iPhone. The nanny claimed to only have been in the bedroom to look for Kyle and apologized for the text by saying, “I’m sorry I was just messing around with a friend I didn’t mean any harm.”

Kyle didn’t buy the excuse and fired the nanny on the spot with her final paycheck.

Despite their bad luck with finding a trustworthy nanny, Eva says the incident has actually brought them together and they are currently doing without any help.

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