Brad Pitt Almost Fathered Melissa Etheridge’s Kids


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Brad Pitt was almost a father before having children with Angelina Jolie.

In a new interview, Melissa Etheridge reveals she considered using the Fight Club star as a sperm donor to start a family with her former partner Julie Cypher.

“Well actually, because [Brad Pitt] was such a good friend of mine and we did consider it and yet, I looked and I saw how badly we wanted children and I thought, ‘I don’t want to share this with someone who really, badly wants children because my children don’t need another parent—they have two,” the 54-year-old told Australia’s Studio 10, as reported by E!. “Of course now my teenagers are like, ‘I could have had Brad Pitt as my dad!’ My son said, ‘I could’ve been amazingly handsome!'”

Melissa and Julie wound up having two boys but with the help of Crosby, Stills & Nash singer David Crosby.

“It’s one of the reasons why David Crosby and his wife are so perfect—because they already had children,” she added. “They were looking to do this as a gift. And my children are lovely and gorgeous anyway.”

In addition to those two boys, Melissa also has twins from her relationship with actress Tammy Lynn Michaels.

The Grammy winning musician is currently married to television producer Linda Wallem.


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