2 Brothers Welcome Babies at Exact Same Time … in Different Cities


Inside Edition

Two North Carolina brothers became fathers at the exact same time but 80 miles apart.

The wives of Stephen and Matt Thayer both gave birth to babies at 6:53pm on March 20th.

While Matt’s wife Brooke delivered a little girl, Cassidy, in Durham, his brother Stephen’s wife Fawn welcomed a boy, Benjamin, about an hour and a half away in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Although the ladies were due on different days, but both went into labor that same Sunday.

When the brothers later realized both had welcomed their bundles of joy at the exact same time they were completely taken aback.

“It was absolutely surreal,” Matt told Inside Edition. “Being my first child, and being a girl, I was already head over heels in tears. Then I hear about my brother and his wife giving birth at the same time — it was absolutely shocking.”

The brothers say there’s no sibling rivalry and look forward to a lifetime of celebrating joint birthday parties.

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