Single Foster Mom Adopts Six Sisters



Five years ago she set out to become a foster mom and now Lacey Dunkin has adopted six beautiful sisters.

Having a large family wasn’t the 32-year-old single woman’s plan, but she has absolutely no regrets.

“You don’t set out to have six little girls,” Lacey told KFSN ABC 30. “I’m glad that it happened, I’m so blessed.”

The stay-at-home mom now calls daughters Sophia, 9, twins Natalie and Melanie, 7, Kaylee, 6, Lea, 4, and Cecily, 2, “the loves” of her life.

After initially being their foster mother for a year, she adopted all five of them in 2013.

The following year, the girls’ birth mother got pregnant again and Lacey knew she had to keep the girls all together.

“This was my children’s sibling, so it wasn’t even a question for me to take her in too,” Dunkin recounted to People. “Cecily officially joined the family in March of 2015.”

The six girls live with Lacey in the four-bedroom home she shares with her parents in Fresno, California.

“I have so much love for them. We are so, so proud of them,” the overjoyed mother of six said. “I wouldn’t trade the six of them for anything. I am so honored to be their mother.”

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