Salma Hayek Says ‘Sex Is Not the Key to a Happy Marriage’



Salma Hayek is spilling the secrets to her seven-year marriage to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault and it has nothing to do with what goes on in the bedroom.

In a new interview, the 49-year-old gets candid about how they make their relationship work.

“Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but it’s a side effect. Although not every day! If it’s every day then it loses its charm,” the Oscar-nominated actress told Red magazine. “It’s so important to maintain your chemistry. You have to continue to laugh, continue to explore, continue to have fun with each other, continue to have romance.”

After welcoming daughter Valentina in 2007, Salma married the 54-year-old businessman on Valentine’s Day 2009.

And despite all her career successes, the Frida star is proudest of her family.

“A good marriage, full of love, is my biggest accomplishment. Home is where my husband is,” she added. “He is home. Everything outside of the family nucleus is an adventure that you’re living together.”

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