Teacher Arrested After Getting Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Student

Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Paging Mary Kay Letourneau!

A Texas middle school teacher turned herself to police after being accused of getting pregnant by a 13-year-old student.

Alexandria Vera, 24, was charged with continuous sexual abuse after being in a prolonged affair with the minor. The pair’s relationship allegedly turned sexual last summer and included sleep overs at the teacher’s house.

According to the documents, Vera got pregnant in January with the student’s baby and told investigators they were in love.

Although she did somehow have approval of the teenager’s family, Vera reportedly terminated the pregnancy once Child Protective Services began their inquiry into the relationship.

Once allegations of misconduct surfaced, the teacher was put on administrative leave by the Houston area middle school.

On Wednesday, Vera – who has a four-year-old child from a previous relationship – turned herself in after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She has since been released on $100K bail.

Do you think she will serve time in jail?