Elderly Couple Forced To Live Apart in Nursing Homes


A husband and wife of 62 years were separated into two different nursing homes, and the two were miserable without each other. The elderly couple may soon be reunited under one roof after a photo of them crying together made headlines.

Anita and Wolfram Gottschalk of Surrey, British Columbia required different levels of care for their failing health. Anita, 81, was living in an assisted living residence while her husband, 83, was placed in a far away facility due to his medical condition. His name was on a wait list to join his wife, but his poor health kept him at the bottom of the list. It seemed like there would be no hope of a permanent reunion. That is until the photo of the two crying spurred an outreach.

The couple’s granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik, tells PEOPLE they are moving Mr. Gottschalk closer to their grandmother and still working on getting the two under the same roof to live out their remaining time together.

Now that’s a beautiful love story.