3 Reasons Older Women Are Happier Than Millennials

The youth-obsessed society isn’t doing themselves or their bodies any good when worrying about age. A recent study suggest older women are enjoying life in their own skin more so than the younger generation.

According to the National Survey of Midlife Development, women age 25 to 35 are overly anxious about aging and “declining attractiveness.” Maybe they should take a page from their older counterparts.

Here’s why older women should be proud of their digits.

  1.  Smarter Women:  The study says women in their 40s and 50s are smarter than ladies in their 20s because of “accumulated knowledge.”
  2. At Peace:  Women aged 66-74  are more satisfied with themselves and mature women are no longer obsessed with their looks.
  3.  Medical Benefits:  The study also revealed mature women experience fewer colds, allergies, sweating and less migraines.

So take that millennials. Older woman got it made too.