Golden Globes Winner Ryan Gosling Also Gets Best Husband Award

Ryan Gosling at Golden Globes 2017

Ryan Gosling plays characters that make women swoon with movies such as La La Land and The Notebook, but turns out the actor is romantic off screen as well.

Ryan Gosling won the Golden Globes statue for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for La La Land Sunday night, and he dedicated part of his acceptance speech to his “lady” Eva Mendes and her recently departed brother.  He thanked Mendes who held down the fort raising his daughter while pregnant with their second child, and taking care of her sick brother during production of La La Land.  He ended his speech by dedicating his Golden Globe award to his wife’s brother, Carlos Mendes.

Gosling has gushed over his lady love before telling Hello! Canada last year that Eva Mendes is his soul mate. “I know that I’m with the person I’m supposed to be with.”

Gosling is a double winner in our book.