After The Show: Woman on ‘Divorce Court’ Formulates Life Saving Medicine

Meredith Norton, 19, came to Divorce Court because she had doubts about marrying her long-time boyfriend Tyler.  The Texas native suffers from a rare intestinal disease as explained on the show, but what she didn’t talk about was how she created a product that helped her survive the incurable disease.

When Meredith was on the prescription medications, Tyler told Judge Lynn she was a walking zombie. Moving to California allowed Meredith to control her symptoms by smoking marijuana. However that caused the couple to get kicked out of their relative’s home, which caused financial difficulties.

Meredith took her life in her own hands, literally, and went on to create a product made from medical marijuana in a sugar form that relieves her symptoms. She went on the make a business from her product and now sells to cancer patients or people with serious illnesses.

At the end of the show, Judge Lynn gave Meredith and Tyler her stamp of approval for their marriage. That’s something she’s never recommended to a young couple, but given their level of maturity – she approved.  Watch the show below.

Meredith and Tyler are now married. Good luck to them both.